Sinchies 1 litre

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1 litre Sinchies Reusable Food Pouches

Ready to fill with your favourite, healthy home cooking or use these 1 litre sizes to fill your other pouches with!

Now you can make your own soup, stock, broth, juice's, milk's, cocktails and marinadess at home and dispense it into these awesome reusable food pouches.

Home-made goodness with store bought convenience! You can monitor exactly what goes into the pouch, ensuring your family receive optimum nutrition that is free from preservatives, sugars or additives.

Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

Free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC

Sinchies re-usable pouches have a zip-lock which allows for easy filling and washing

Designed with a spout for easy pouring

Handy and easy to use

Choose your own healthy ingredients, whizz, pour and zip it up!

Sinchies will cut food costs, encourage healthy eating, reduce waste, and take up less room in your fridge or freezer.

They are suitable for all sorts - smoothies, juices, soups, sauces, milks, customer uses them for her fabric softener!

Sinchies are great to take camping, so versatile & user friendly

Eco friendly - With the environment in mind, minimal packaging and biodegradable or recyclable materials have been used.

Please see important washing tips over at

Ensure young children are supervised when using this product! It contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on.

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